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Lucian Frall

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Lucian Frall

Post by Gareth on Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:46 am

"I am on neither side of this war.. All money speaks the same language."
- Lucian Frall

[ ‹ Title: ] None.
[ ‹ Title Meaning: ] No Meaning
[ ‹ Character Name: ] Lucian Frall
[ ‹ Character Height: ] Six foot, Two inches 6'2
[ ‹ Character Weight: ] One hundred and 12 pounds 112 lbs.
[ ‹ Character Age: ] Twenty Three 23
[ ‹ Place of Origin: ] Neldorin
[ ‹ Primary Profession: ] Sword Fighting.
[ ‹ Secondary Profession: ] Archer.
[ ‹ Tertiary Profession: ] Horse Riding.


[ ‹ Character Hometown: ] Soluna
[ ‹ Character Affiliation: ] Neutral
[ ‹ Character Bounty: ] 100,000. [XXXX Danger Rating]


[ Physical Appearance: ] Lucian has a vertical cut on his left eye, which partially blinds him. He has pale skin and jet black hair which is quite long, falling to around his neck. His body is battle worn scarred but still in physically good condition with large athletic muscles on his arms, legs and torso, Lucian has blew eyes which are always slightly bloodshot from sleepless nights fighting and scouting.


[ Sets of clothing: ] Lucian wears a baggy robe that reaches down to his ankles along with an orange spiral mask over his face, that only shows his right eye. Another set of clothing is the armor he wears during battle and also his casual attire of trousers and shirt.

[ Personality: ] Lucian is a very serious man about most things but due to his life long death experiences it has taken a toll on him mentally. So off and on he will act like a child or just a simple nut except when he is in battle when his mind completely changes to that of tactical genius, great warrior and master sword fighter. Lucian maybe nuts but he is powerful and a loose canon making him one of the worlds most dangerous men.


[ In battle: ] When Lucian is in battle to his opponent he seems like a silent, yet deadly threat. He is said to move gracefully as a flower in bloom whilst using a sword, cutting about 80% his enemies to pieces with his blade before they could do as much as touch him. When using a bow Lucian can load and fire five arrows within 30 seconds, making him one of the fastest archers ever seen but when only using his hands he is slow and clumsy and prefers weapons.

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Re: Lucian Frall

Post by Jordan on Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:20 am

Lovly jUBLY!

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