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The Creation of Storm Force.

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The Creation of Storm Force.

Post by Misa Misuya on Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:55 pm

This significant piece of history starts with the humans. Humans had grown arrogant and selfish. They had allowed power and popularity get to their heads. They soon became to believe that they were the extreme race, the only race acceptable to be dominant. This led to our extintion on Earth.
The Extintition of the Mystic races. Demons, Lycans, vampires, angels, dragons...anything that was't human, but still had was capable of emotions or pure intelligence. We were hunted. Hunted untill only a few remained.
A single Demon remained, but was out numbered. She was sent home...to Hell.

While in Hell, this Demon decided to regroup her power, and learn as much as she could, due to some actions, she was expelled from Hell. Rejected in her Home and on Earth, she decided to create a place where she could be alone. She created Storm Force. The island became extremely hostile to humans. The human race call this part of the Ocean the "Bermuda Triangle." A Place where no human who ventured through its misty waters, was ever seen again. They perished.
In her rage, she destroyed any human to wash up on her shores. She trusted no one and many where confused as to what side she was on. She was cunning.

However, in her anger filled eyes, she failed to realise that other mystic races appeared on various parts of the island. Over time, she managed to regain some trust in various other mystics.
Their numbers increased and so did the variety of mystics, her escape became a sanctuary.

Eventually, she became a demon of royalty in the eyes of the mystics that had settled on her island.
She became Queen, Queen Yami, A God like figure, who created their home. She had not wished to be royal, but that is what she became.
Out of the number of mystics she had met, she bonded most with another Demon, Xeko. Their relationship grew deeply, but in the cover from the public eye.
They had a child.

Eventually, Yami grew tired of her forced on postition of power and gave it all up to Xeko, and simply dissapeared. No one really knows what became of her...

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