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Breena Lancaster!!!

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Breena Lancaster!!!

Post by Ruio on Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:20 pm

Breena Was Wife To Luca Draconis Lancaster And Had A Son By Him Called Ruio. She Was Killed By Her Own Kind But Drifted Into The Spirit World. She Has Looked After The Spirits Of That World And Is A Master Healer And Can Perform Light Based magica. She Is 1650 Years Old And Is An Elven Healer. Ever Since her kind Killed Her She Has Sworn She Would Come Back And Join With Anyone Who Opposed The Elves. Her Son Ruio Is part Elf But She Would Never Hurt Him Or Her husband Luca. She Was Attacked By A Group Of Bandits While On A Royal Voyage And Was Murdered by these. She Now Has The power To Go back To Stormforce And Kill All Of Those Bandits And Elves That Killed Her And Hurt Her Family.

Name: Breena Lancaster Formally Breena Dreconre
Skills: Master Healer And Light Master, Swordmistress, Telekanisis, Telepathy
Age: 1650
History: Breena is A Beutiful Wood Elf And Has The Power To Charm Men Into Helping Her With Her Work. She Was killed When Luca And Herself Had Ruio While She Was On A Voyage To Draconia With Luca And Baby Ruio. She Has Tended To The Spirits For Years And Has Never Done A Bad Deed in Her Life But Has Never Argued With her Instincts.

Sorry Shes Not Very Interesting But Shes My New Character Knowone Kill Her XD[]

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