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The 4th Dairy of Seth 'Alpha'

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The 4th Dairy of Seth 'Alpha'

Post by Psycological Pain on Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:34 pm

Entry 735:
Today I found a island that wasn't on any of my maps. My compass seemed to have a strange magnetic pull to it.
I think I could probably stay here for a while as I could probably build a new lab if I find the right resources. There is a strange thing about this island. Even though the sun shines hot around, clouds seem to haunt this place. It's cold.
Anyway, I think that I could use this place to test my dinosaurs. Now that I have Dr. Z's stones, I can do allot more. Maybe make the dinosaurs take over this island. I can't stay here permanently, but it seems a good place to stay for a few years.


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