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Faith Connors

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Faith Connors

Post by Faith Connors on Thu May 20, 2010 9:25 am

Habbo Name : FaithConnors
Character Name : Faith Connors
Character Age : 19
Character Height : 1.80m
Character Weight : 56.5kg


Race : Human
Class : Free Runner
Skilled Profession : Super Parkour
Alligence : MOP (Mercurys office for Parkour)

Group : MOP
Group Position : Best Runner
Group Alligence : MOP


Character History : Born into a family of four, with Faith growing close to her mother while Kate grew close to their father, Faith's parents were protesters against the rise of the totalitarian regime that was seeping into the City. With her father providing funds and leadership to the Libertas movement her parents brought their two children along to their protests. Faith and her sister, Kate, had seen their mother killed during the November Riots, crushed to death as other's sought to escape. After her mother's death her father became depressed due to guilt to the point of alcoholism.
At the age of 16, Faith left her father and Kate, to live on the streets. Gradually resorting to petty thievery to survive she began robbing homes, including the Hideout of an ex-Runner named Mercury. Catching her in the act Mercury took her under his wing and trained her to work for him as a Runner.

Character Description : Red glove (on right hand), Black T-Shirt, White Pants and Red Parkour Shoes

Character Picture :

Faith Connors

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Character sheet
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