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The Creation of Neldorin

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The Creation of Neldorin

Post by Josh on Fri May 21, 2010 12:39 pm

Peace. Power. Balance. Perception. Knowledge. Vital concepts to the culture known as a World. Without them, the Worlds would fail, fade into non-existance or worse - become a world of Hatred, War and Destruction: An Anti-World.
These concepts are also beings. Each named specificly for their role, by the Gods, for a creation - The Creation.
* * *
Deep within the void, a space separate from the Universe yet it touches all parts of it equally filled with all manners of beasts, monstrosites and uncomprehensable dangers,an Ancient God stirred. With a subtle disturbance in the fabric of Space, five specs of spirit appeared. The power of the God split and flowed into the five. You have been called upon to make a world. Peace, for all things good, you are made. Power, for strength and for weakness, you are made. Balance, for unity and wholeness, you are made. Perception, for seeing the truths, you are made. Knowledge, for all-knowing and influence, you are made. And so the creators were made, set to do their duty of making a world and sustaining it for all of time.
Each were given a form, a body, to use. They were Triune - the three races common to many worlds fo Elf, Human and Demon.

For Aeons, they debated the right way in which to create the world at which a sentient race could live and thrive. They finally made their choice. They began to contruct their world in another level of Space, one which was not the void, one where other Worlds were scattered. They found a remote place and began to create the energy that would feed it. A great white star that created its own energy through reactions of fusion. They got this idea after roaming the Space for many more Aeons and finally finding one which was of reasonable habitat - Earth.
They then recreated this source of energy using their Godly powers and encased it within a nebula, no simple feat for the intense energy levels were hard to deal with. EVentually, they had the basic shell compacted into a spherical world.

Balance put in their input "We need land of many types and water to keep things in check." So they added the continents and the seas.

Power said "But we also require the forces that drive the world intio action." So they added the forces of Nature - Weather, Tectonic plates, Polarity and so on.

Peace said, "To keep everything calm, we need easy provisions" so they added in the plants, the food, the forests.

Perception said, "Even though this is cut off from the Void, they will still find their way in!" So the added the atmospheres, the skies.

Knowledge finally said, "And we need life! What is a world without life upon it to run?" So, they split their power and poured it into separate spirits to civilize the lands, to add life. The spirits took forms of the many races that populated Neldorin.

They were almost spent of their power.
Alas, it is done, said the God. I thank you. Watch over this world and it need not fall to ruin. and then he dissapeared.

"We hold a great thing in our hands," Knowledge said "And what better way to watch it then among the people themselves. I propose this. We create our own places within the world and watch from down their. Of course, we must return here from time to time for many things still lurk."
"An interesting idea," Perception said, "It would certaintly make it easier to keep everyone in order."
"Yes," Balance added "They need not know we are there even though it wouldn't hurt if they found out."
"I believe it would work," added Peace
"Then let's do it," Power finalised.

So they created their domains upon the World: Knowledge created the Great Library for all things known to be collaborated and to representing himself; Balance created the Sprite's Steps, a palace preciptiously hanging off the edge of a cascading waterfall, representing the Balance of the world as it hangs their but never falls; Peace made home in the City of the Angels; Perception, a place on the Highest peaks of the great mountain chains to keep an ever watchfull eye; and finally Power, fortress within the Volcanoes that he crafted himself.

For ever on untill this day, the Creators remain on Neldorin. Not many know who they are or where they can be found for they are often never seen within their dominions, fortresses or palaces but one thing is for sure, they are still there.


"I wish for this night-time
to last for a lifetime
The darkness around me
Shores of a solar sea
Oh how I wish to go down with the sun,
Sleeping, Weeping, With you. " - Sleeping Sun, Nightwish

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