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L's response to BB.

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L's response to BB.

Post by Luxus on Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:40 pm

My dearest child. I am sorry for the long gap between these messages. You've gone slightly quiet? Growing a conscience now? Well, that was highly unexpected. The only flames that I get will be from all your followers. And, you forget a key role in this. I need not prove it was you, I only need to be there when you strike next.

I too share you regret. I would've liked to see the child I put away. You class yourself as a human being? I believe the term 'Monster' is rather fitting. My time will end when the due date comes for me. As will yours. You like jam? I don't. It's too sticky. This is why we're so different; Your taste of sweets is... despicable.

Indeed they were destined to die. But of natural causes, not by you. Besides, why did you even respond to this? If I've got into contact with you, what's stopping me from firing a single .45 calibre round from the sniper on the roof opposite you, Beyond Birthday?

I see you've got your sources too, to find out my name is Elle. Indeed it is a feminine name, but still, at least it's a rather acceptible one. 'Beyond Birthday'? Sure, the others may be weird, but they're American. Each to their own. What Nationality are you then? I'll just group you with the Americans for the time being.

You talk like we're computer characters. They did not make us look the same, you merely just followed the same DNA traits as me, because that's all you really are, a fraud. What? Did mummy and daddy not love you? Or did they discard you before you had a chance? Mind you, I don't blame them for not coming back, who wants a misfit as a child? You are no more special than the fly on my wall, I've no determination to catch you. You're just there, and, while you think you're messing with my mind, I'm really messing with yours. Watari is not my slave, infact, I am his. I run this establishment for him, he helps out when I need it. I'm assuming you too went to Wammy's at one point? How else would you know of Watari. What ever did you give to him? I'm sure you were an attention seeker then too.

You only have one left? Aw, what a shame, I was starting to like this. Either way, no matter where you move now, you'll always be in checkmate. You may have taken out Believe Bridesmaid, Quarter Queen, and Backyard Bottomslash, but that just makes it easier.

Although you think you've been fullfilling your desire, you've just been making it easier to catch you.
Each murder, a clue. Each clue, a step closer to you. A step closer to you, your downfall.

Good day to you, child,

- L


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