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Zetta. The Demonic Overlord

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Zetta. The Demonic Overlord

Post by LightYagami on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:56 am

Name: Zetta
Race: Demon
Sex: Female
Height: 9ft 11"
Weight: About 900 Pounds of PURE MUSCLE
Weaponry: Duel Headed Scycthe, Demonic Blade.

Bio: Born of Human Flesh with a demonic father, Zetta was raised in the human world as a half human, Half demon. In his Human form he is male. but in his demonic form he takes a female form, but no one really knows for sure.

he was ridiculed for most of his life for being a freak of nature, and was orphaned when angels killed his mother attempting to kill him aswell. As a close escape he lived in the wilderness for 20 years. honeing his skill with a blade his father gave him so that he would have the ability to rid the world of angels and demons alike in an attempt to rid the world of evil. After many years of hunting demons it came down to a final showdown between him and the overlord of the demonic race. Zetta won the fight but the overlords power tainted him. causing him to be trapped in his Demonic form. he gave up his fight to kill the demons and instead ruled over them with an iron fist. After many years he met an Elf named Yoshimoto who became one of his most trusted friends. After that Yoshimoto helped him win the Great War Betweent the Angels and Demons. during this war Zetta's closest ally died. In an attempt to bring him back to life he was granted a powered down version of the Scythe used by death to harvest souls.

After this Zetta went on a Journey of Enlightenment with Yoshi. Before leaving to retain his post. A white light enveloped him. He was then given back his human form. with the ability to switch between the two as he pleases, Zetta has recently gone back to ruling the demon race.


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Re: Zetta. The Demonic Overlord

Post by Luxus on Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:17 pm

It's on... Global Saturation.

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Re: Zetta. The Demonic Overlord

Post by Misa Misuya on Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:19 pm

Very Happy
Woah, Demon overlord wars much....
I like it Wink

Misa Misuya

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Re: Zetta. The Demonic Overlord

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