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[Offcial] Sub-Story Line [PoD]

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[Offcial] Sub-Story Line [PoD]

Post by Gareth on Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:58 am

10,000 years ago;

The land Neldorin was an entirely peaceful land at this time, Angels and Demons remained on steady terms and did not battle with eachother. Dragons where a new and young race, given a pure soul by the Angels and the power of fire by the Demon's, created to be the ultimate race. They where capable of talking, they where intelligent. The Angel's and Demon's granted more powers to the Dragons where gifted with flight from the Angels, razor sharp teeth from the Demon's and with their combined power, dragons where granted rock hard scales to defend themselves. This is the legend of the Dragon.

Arnon, first lord of the Dragon's came forth as their chosen one. He spoke out against the human's, saying that they had too much power in the world despite not been the only sentinent beings. Dragon's where confined to the caves and the mountains. Forbidden to leave. Arnon lead his "Twelve Warriors", against the world. They struck down castles, the burnt lands and murdered in mass. Arnon brutally killed the king of the Angel's and he and his twelve where stripped of their Dragonic bodies and sealed away inside human bodies as Shura, he vowed to raise once more. The Dragons where punished, they could no longer speak and where no longer intelligent. This is the legend of how the Dragon Lost It's Voice, but all legends must come from somewhere....

The Present Day;

Young Yip-Lee was walking through the mountains, searching for something. He was not sure what, a voice was guiding him from beyond, the magic holding the Shura back was unravelling and Arnon was leading Lee to him. The boy soon stumbled across a large black jewel, inside a circle, it was well hidden inside a deep cave but the voice had guided him here "Remove the stone, boy".the voice was telling him to move the stone, he couldn't resist its charm and did so. Releasing one of the most powerful evils in Neldorin's history, Arnon and his Twelve where risen

They vanished as quickly as they appeared before Lee, he did not know what the mysterious figures where but he felt a desire to leave the cave. He ran from it as quickly as he could, fleeing the obviously evil force. Lee fled out of the mountains, telling no one what he had saw but thinking about it every day. The voice never came to him again.

Arnon and his Twelve. The thirteen most feared causes of death in Neldorin's history. Demon's are nothing to these great creatures, the Shura are a combination of the mythical dragon and powerful, intelligent man. Weilders of the dragon traits and the human mind. Can anyone stop them?

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Re: [Offcial] Sub-Story Line [PoD]

Post by Psycological Pain on Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:16 pm

I can me!! I can stop them
cba atm.

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Re: [Offcial] Sub-Story Line [PoD]

Post by Josh on Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:39 am

Arnon was eventually defeated by Xervish, Yip-Lee and Osereru. However, after the fight they went to a celebration of the defeat and strange black crystals began to spring up everywhere. A book has been taken from the library. What will happen now?


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Re: [Offcial] Sub-Story Line [PoD]

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