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Osereru's Diary. #1346

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Osereru's Diary. #1346

Post by Misa Misuya on Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:15 pm

Dear Paper mind,
As you can tell, i changed your name from Thomas today, for the fact that i am now seeing the world more literally at the moment. My Training today was cancelled, the elder took me to a gathering of a dragon race. They didn't know we were there. My elder was suspisous of their appearence in our region. Maybe if i become an elder, i'll be as protective over my students.
I saw this because he made me shapeshift into a tree. A TREE!
However, that isn't the point, i'm trying to say that my elder had reason to be suspisious. These Dragon people...they were different from the draconian people i have seen. They had a certain devious air about them, like they could not be trusted. They were doing some sort of ritual to this rather large piece of meat, looked like a hind leg....from something, with long claws. I believe its best not to question what it was.
There leader was a tall majestic character, i made sure to observe him and his actions carefully, just like my elder told me to do before. "If posed with a possible threat, gain as much information on your opponant as possible, it may become useful in the future. Learn to take in detail and characteristics, fighting techniques and the way they move and speak. Once you've done this, your ready to shapeshift, make a copy."
Harder than it sounds, i have alot of training.
The tall guy cast his hands out over the leg, the blood all drained from it, the flesh was drying up with an extremely fast pace. What heat was this...?
They said some things, then all extended their large wings at the same time, casting themselves into the sky and disappearing.
I want to know more about this race. Why did they do that...
The worst thing was...
When they all moved, i was able to see in the building behind them. The walls where crimson...covered in blood, corpses everywhere.
We went to investigate the scene, finding that one of corpses was an old friend of my elders.
Heartless beasts.
For my elder, i will avenge him. He taught me what it ment to be a shapeshifter, he is like a father, a friend and a teacher to me.
Happiness will be assured, his rage will be put to rest.
I will try my best master.

Osereru Chi.

~Don't let these Spiders, crawl up beside us, they want to bite us, Inject the virus!
~Theres An iron Smell Of Blood in The Air And Now I see it everywhere...
~Love yooou Scoottt :>

Misa Misuya

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