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Dark Void News. The News Crossing between Worlds!

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Dark Void News. The News Crossing between Worlds!

Post by Misa Misuya on Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:28 pm

16th Decemeber.
Our main story today is the tragic end to Luca draconis Lancaster. He helped run Stormforce for centuries, Serving in the era of Yami, when the island of Stormforce was created. He had a beautiful elvan wife names Breena, who sadly died in childbirth, his son Ruio has apparently taken on Luca's power and authority. We expect a slight change in Stormforce, but nothing too drastic, since Misa was held responsible for his well being. Lets hope Ruio coups with the loss of his father well.

More News:
Reports has suggested that Arnon, the Shura 'king' is in battle with a mix of warriors from stormforce and neldorian. It is believed that Xérvísh, Yip-Lee and Elder Osereru all went to finally take him down, could this be the end of this war against Shura?

More news to come.
Misa Misuya

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Re: Dark Void News. The News Crossing between Worlds!

Post by Ruio on Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:35 pm

More News On Luca And Ruio's Transfer,
Luca And Ruio Lancaster Both Performed The Ruanma Transfer And Luca Gave Up His Life To Help Ruio Fufill His Destiny As Leader Of The Draconin Blood Line And King To The Draconian People. A Silver Feather Has Appeared On Misa And Has Been Said That It Is Luca's Pure Soul Staying With her For Eternity.

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